Telecom Services

Telecom Services

An innovative, technology driven and customer focused organization, Our Varni Tech Solutions is committed to keeping pace with revolutions in the industry Telecom services now include fixed-network services (data retail, Internet retail, voice retail and wholesale) and mobile services.


Fixed-data services — Includes all dedicated/private line, packet and circuit-switched access services (for example, frame relay, asynchronous transfer mode, IP, Integrated Services Digital Network, DSL, multichannel multipoint distribution service [MMDS] and satellite) retail revenue. No differentiation is made between the type of traffic or application carried by these services.


All types of transmissions — nonvoice data, image, video, fax, interactive services and even voice — can be carried by these services regardless of whether the source format is analog or digital. All revenue reflects service provider annualized retail revenue — paid for by the business and residential end user of the service; no wholesale or carrier-to-carrier revenue is included.

Site Survey

  • Site surveys are inspections of an area where work is proposed, to gather information for a design or an estimate to complete.  A site survey is the examination of a location or spot in order to obtain data or information.
  • This information includes feasibility reporting and estimation of cost and the time required to perform a certain task.
  • Site surveyors inspect the area of a proposed construction project  It can also determine a precise location, access and best layout for the site.

Sites Acquisition

  • Site Acquisition means the activities to be performed by the Owner and/or its subcontractors in connection with identifying and acquiring sufficient rights to Sites.
  • After determining the area where a site could be located, a site acquisition professional scours maps and zoning ordinances for locations that meet the requirements of the Radio Frequency (RF) engineer.

Tower Erection Work

  • This method consists of erecting the towers, member by member. The tower members are kept on the ground serially according to the erection sequence to avoid search or time loss. The erection progresses from the bottom upwards. … Gin poles are thus moved up as the tower grows.
  • Erection of Poles – The poles are usually pressed directly into the ground. The heavier poles are erected by the derrick pole method and the lighter ones by the dead man method. 

Installation and Commissioning work

  • DG , AC, Battery Bank, Shelter , Power Plant Supply and Installation and Commissioning work. Commissioning begins with planning and includes design, construction, start-up, acceptance and training, and can be applied throughout the life of the building.”
  • This definition accurately depicts commissioning as a holistic process that spans from pre-design planning to post-construction operation, consisting.
  • After assembly of the shield machine, the commissioning without load can be started.  The main commissioning activities supporting this principle include.